Apologies for messing around, the instance wont be shutting down but due to personal circumstances of the admin, they wont be involved in the administration of the instance.

We are running via the mastodon hosting service masto.host/ , and will be staying running unless I feel something else has required.

I will be keeping things very hands off for a bit, and will probably disable the creation of new accounts.

On a small instance such as this its unlikely that things requiring-


-intervention will happen but if they do I will try to handle them.

If there is somebody I would trust with the task, I would not be against handing it over, as this was not intended to be a project of mine, somebody more interested would handle things better.

Sorry again, but all should be fine for the forseeable future.
Thanks - you're possibly temporary admin @t1lde

@theclub I don't know you so I can relate to the trust issue (especially with respect to the topic, and I'm extremely thankful that you take that into consideration), but maybe a team instead of a single person would help? I am very aware of burnout situations, especially when they relate to the hate squad, which the envy topic attracts undoubtedly

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