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@SunCat @Alda @theclub better way I'm would be to say someone who identifies in the gender binary as you can be a nonbinary man or woman.

@Alda @scoots @SunCat @theclub non-binary isn't necessarily not identifying as a man or woman; it's more like identifying as any gender in a non-binary framework (so, "man" or "woman" exist as valid genders within the non-binary framework)

@Alda @modgethanc @scoots @SunCat @theclub man and woman can exist within non-binary (which includes a multitude of other genders besides those), but a binary structure only acknowledges man and woman, nothing else. it depends on the framework in which you're using those terms, not the terms themselves

@Alda @modgethanc @scoots @SunCat @theclub someone can be binary and acknowledge non-binary. someone can be non-binary and acknowledge binary. how someone identifies is personal, and is a separate thing from what they acknowledge in others.

@Alda @SunCat @theclub agender is not identifying as a gender. Nonbinary is more than agender.

@theclub btw, mb you should have some toots about it with "enby" and "nonbinary" hashtags, for more visibility

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