generational fake conflict reminder: baby boomers didn't do this. capitalists did.

there are lots of baby boomers who are just as poor as you. the people who create these generational labels benefit when we fight people for just being older instead of fighting the people who are stealing our wealth.

@lyliawisteria Also, it’s Gen X in charge now. Which is why they’re pitting
millennials against retirees.


And people of different sexuality, religions, skin colors, nationalities.

United we stand.

Divided we fall.

It is easy to explain why someone is different, but focusing on the values that bind us is very important right now.

In fact, it is the only way we can fix the problems we see today.

@lyliawisteria there’s a good chunk of ‘progressive’ people who didn’t seem to give a shit about poverty until it was young white middle class people who were struggling to get on the ‘housing ladder’

@kirstyyarr there is no depth low enough for pearl clutching liberals u.u

@lyliawisteria a lot of that stems from when white middle class and above boomers flipped to being reagan republicans, then fucked up the democratic party as well. not that using a shorthand for something that happened nearly 40 years ago helps much.

also, gen xers (my gen) seem frequently to just be not doing anything. which is also disturbing, when we were all broke-ass together, it wasn't like this as much. there's not good things happening.

@shoutcacophony just because times were good for a lot of people doesn't mean times were good for everyone.

@lyliawisteria they weren't good for a lot of people. that's my point. they, as in what the term is a shorthand for, fucked us over. if someone means "everybody in that generation" by that, while ignoring poor people, that's both wrong minded and a misrepresentation of what that term was referring to. are people doing that? if they are, they should stop.

either way, it's etymology at this point, meh. the point is that we all need to be working against the people who want to murder us.

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