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i am a curious cat, i don't need a website. just ask me questions if you want to i guess. in dm or public or whatever you feel is appropriate.

i never posted an introduction, and i hate writing them. i like this better. ^_^

Princess tried to set up Bluetooth in your brain so she could send stuff there with her phone, but she just spends half an hour restarting you and making sure your head is set to discoverable.

Like I say, once I get a decent coin paying job, imma throw coins at yall to buy the nudes yall selling. **All yall are THAT bitch and I mf stan. Locals could never

** I said what I said! I mean ALL YALL ASSES hunny 💅🏾 no 🧢

from now on i shall be responding 'this is a toot' to any toot that i like

remember this guy?

he is the inventor of the new cling wrap after the original was found to contain polyvinylidene chloride, a chemical that is toxic when burnt

feel old yet?

I've decided to organize a webzine dedicated to the pets of Mastodon! Anyone can submit a page/pic of their pet and be included in the zine. Everything will be complied into a PDF file to be downloaded for free!
Submissions will go untill next Saturday at 12:00 am!
More information down below

Thinking about the current surveillance state and about how it feels like most people just gave up trying to fight it and now we have Amazon working with ICE agents to track down and deport people

my self confidence about my appearance has probably increased tenfold since joining this website so thank you all for that

Are there any good, trusted VPN services that are not based in the 14 eyes or whatever the fuck it's called?

imagine paying a monthly fee for an image editor! :blobcatgiggle:
This work is available under the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license. You are free to share and adapt the work, provided that you provide attribution and use the CC-BY-SA 4.0 license for the resultant work. You can view the text of the license here:

Me creating my first account on .social this summer: "I'm just gonna toot about wholesome things and I'm gonna be good to everyone all the time 🖤 ✨ "

Me now: (thotting her way across the Fediverse while tooting about guillotines and gorls, while also being good to everyone all the time 🖤 ✨): "Lewd [Show More]"

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lol she added me on insta and it’s just 1,001 pics of her and her boyfriend

Is it normal for a laser printer to produce smoke?

Cups is not reporting lp0 on fire though, so I guess I'm OK?

Wreck-It Ralph's great grandfather was named Fuck-It Frank and that's final.

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